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'Stories Of Supernatural Seas' by TSH82

TSH82's new album consists of electronic instrumental tracks exhibiting a wide variety of styles and influences, and is themed around nautical tales and myths from all over the world. From vast, sweeping sonic soundscapes on a cinematic scale through intimate, atmospheric stories in sound to massive club floor-fillers, this fascinatingly eclectic album offers something for every musical taste, touching on Electro House, Ambient, Deep House, Glitch, Trance, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Hardcore, and spiced with style mash-ups that epitomise TSH82's unique musical flavour.

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Stories Of Supernatural Seas cover art

Guy Bartle to appear on new album by The Members

Uproar Recordings artist Guy Bartle has spent a day at Powerhouse Studios in West Byfleet recording backing vocals for three tracks on the forthcoming album by The Members, 'Greetings From From Knowhere'. It is due to be released on Record Store Day 2024 - the 20th April. Check back here for details.

Recording BVs for The Members

With the band and other music people

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